About us

FERROMAGNET J.S.C. is the only manufacturer in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe of magnets and magnetic products. Our company started to produce permanent magnets in 1967. During 1974-1988 the company modernized its production by adopting the licences of TDK and NISSHO IWAI-Japan. Our producing capacity is 3 000 tons per year. The built area of the factory is 24 000 sq.m.

We offer to our clients the following products:

⊃ Hard ferrites – isotropic and anisotropic

  • ring magnets
  • segment magnets
  • block / parallelepiped magnets
  • cylinder magnets
  • magnets with cut edged
  • others

⊃ Plastic-bonded magnets

⊃ Cast AlNiCo magnets

  • AlNiCo magnets
  • AlNi magnets
  • others

⊃ Neodymium magnets NdFeB

⊃ Special magnets and magnetic products –  as per customer requirements